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Problems with Windows Media Player security upgrade for Library2Go : server is not available.

Are you are getting the error message "server is not available" when you try to  upgrade the security on Windows Media Player through the Overdrive Media Console?  This is often caused by a security or software program that is blocking Windows Media Player from connection to the Internet.

Often times when this error can be resolved by completing the security upgrade by going to (in Internet Explorer only) the following site:

If the security upgrade is still unable to be completed, please check the following:

1.) Have you successfully downloaded an OverDrive Audiobook before? If so, has anything been changed, installed, or uninstalled on your computer since you did so?

2.) Are you running a firewall? This can include the built in Windows firewall as well as third party applications, such as Zone Alarm or Norton Internet Security. Firewall settings may be blocking Windows Media Player and/or OverDrive Media Console from the internet.

3.) Check Windows Media Player's connection. To do so, go to Tools > Options. Under 'Player Settings' select the option that says "Connect to the Internet."

4.) Are you running a web accelerator? If so, please disable it.

5.) Do you have a pop-up blocker? Please disable it, temporarily.

6.) Are you behind a proxy server? Authentication information can be added to the OverDrive Media Console by going to 'Tools' > 'Options'.

7.) Also, if you are logging into a network (such as you are on a work computer), the permissions given to your user account may not allow Windows Media Player to connect to the Internet.